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Fremington Parish Council

The Beechfield Centre, Beechfield Road, Fremington, Devon, EX31 3DD Tel: 01271 321063

Covid 19 Information

6/7/20 Play Area Risk Assessment (pdf)

02/7/20 Important Information: Play Areas Reopening (pdf)

02/7/20 Play Area Risk Assessments (pdf)

07/5/20 Making Face Masks

29/4/20 Coronavirus Testing for Key Workers (pdf)

29/4/20 Cyber Security (pdf)

28/4/20 Open Spaces (pdf)

27/4/20 DCC Food Packages- Dietry Requirements (pdf)

14/4/20 DCC Public Rights of Way Information

01/4/20 Local Tradesmen (pdf)

01/4/20 Devon and Cornwall Police Response and FAQ

27/3/20 Travel and Public Transport Information

26/3/20 Offers of help (pdf)

26/3/20 Roundswell Residents Association Facebook Page

26/3/20 Fremington Support Group

26/3/20 Fremington Community Help Page

26/3/20 Information from the Police: Documents to Download

Sextortion (pdf)

Illegal Money Lending (pdf)

26/3/20 Updated Local Food Delivery Directory (pdf)


Last updated 12th August 2020