The functions of Fremington Parish Council

Most local Council services are provided by the District or County Council. The Parish Council’s role is more advisory and its main purpose is local community leadership. Although not directly responsible for many services, the Parish Council can, therefore, have influence over a wide range of issues. It is frequently consulted on highways, use of public areas, environmental improvements and the provision or alteration of local facilities, as well as every planning application.

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The functions which are carried out by the Parish Council are as follows:
Advice The Parish Council office provides a wide range of advice and often helps people find the right organisation to deal with their problems or queries.
Beechfield Centre This facility is available for hire with limited facilities
Grants Fremington Parish  Council accepts grant applications throughout the year. The latest date for submitting an application is 30th September.  Grants page
Parks and Playing Fields The Parish Council is responsible for the maintenance of play equipment in a wide range of play parks in the parish.
Cemetery This burial facility is administered by the Parish click here for charges
War Memorial The maintenance of the War Memorial is the responsibility of the Parish Council
Footpaths The Parish Council maintains a substantial number of Footpaths on behalf of Devon County Council
Allotments Two allotment sites have been established at Muddlebridge and Babbages and plots are allocated by the Parish Council
Fremington Quay The Parish Council lease out both the café and Heritage centre